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All-in-one place for your remote team to chat, collaborate and track project progress.

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Your hub for

Project discussions, important documents, free food announcements: they all live tidily together in Team. With your team and information in one easily searchable place, collaborating online is as easy as collaborating in person.

Simple task management

Task management with team is as simple as it gets. No complicated layout and need for user training. Your team members will intuitivily know how to navigate the platform. It’s so simple, a baby could do it!

Scheduling that actually works

Integrated a team calendar with your favourite calendar apps, be it Google Calendar or iCat.

Each team member works with their favourite calendar, while all the date is synced with the master calendar.

What people say about Team

This is an amazing software for teamwork. I bet you can’t find anything better. Subscription rates are reasonable. I would highly recommend it.

Theresa Webb
CEO of Tesla

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CEO of McDonald's

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Manager at Google

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Gary Vee
CEO of Metaverse